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Returning and warranty claim for purchases made online: 

1. The client can return any good in a 14 business day period from the day of purchase.

2. The client has to inform CIMEXEUROPE about his claim via the RETURNING OF GOODS FORM, before the 14 business day grace period has ended as of the Consumer Protection Act, art. 55, line 1.

3. When returning a good to CIMEXEUROPE the client will take care of any shipping costs. The returning has to happen in the 14 business day period.

4. A good is considered suitable for returning when it's in its original packaging without any trace of usa or, in any kind of difference from its original commercial look. Please do take out and measure the product also, please do keep any receipts and manuals of the good.

5. Considering the active law, Any goods that don't answer these conditions won't be accepted by EN.CIMEXEUROPE.COM

6. When a good is returned CIMEXEUROPE reimburses the full amount send via a bank transfer expect the shipping costs. This will happen in a 14 business day period after the good has been received back by EN.CIMEXEUROPE.COM

7. In case the purchase is made with a card, the reimbursement will happen in a 30 business day period. 

8. EN.CIMEXEUROPE.COM has the right to delay the reimbursement until the good is received back.

Warranty claim:

When a client wants to execute his warranty claim he must send and notice to EN.CIMEXEUROPE.COM via the RETURNING OF GOODS FORM


A clients can use the warranty claim when:

  • The good misses parts from the original inventory
  • A defect
  • Size mismatch
  • A trademark or a model mismatch

When the client executes his warranty claim he can choose between:

  • A reimbursement of the paid amount
  • A swap for a different good with the same price
  • A discount