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Diesel heater with indirect-Combustion 80 kW D80i

Diesel heater with indirect-Combustion 80 kW D80i
Diesel heater with indirect-Combustion 80 kW D80i
Diesel heater with indirect-Combustion 80 kW D80i
Diesel heater with indirect-Combustion 80 kW D80i
Diesel heater with indirect-Combustion 80 kW D80i
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  • Brand CIMEX
  • Model D80i

Diesel heater with indirect-Combustion 80 kW D80i

Diesel heater with indirect-Combustion 80 kW D80i

CIMEX D80i is indirect burner diesel heaterintended for heating large premises such as gyms, production rooms, farms for animals, poultry farms, warehouses, marquees and more. Unlike direct-burn heaters, indirect-burn heaters have a smoke extractor that vents the exhaust gases outside the room where the heat sink is located. This allows the heating of the oil without the presence of exhaust gases and odors in the room. Another option to use a diesel heater for space heating without oxygen consumption and exhaust gas content is the possibility to place the heat exchanger outside the room being heated and to deliver it through the flexible duct heated air to the room you want to heat. Thanks to this, the indirect-combustion diesel heater can be used for emergency and basic heating of rooms with poor ventilation in which people are present for a long period of time.

With a power of 80 kW indirect combustion diesel heater is suitable for main and maintenance heating of large rooms up to 3280 m3

In construction, these types of heaters are used for two main purposes - maintaining temperature and / or drying. Depending on the purpose, if the diesel heater is used to maintain the temperature, it may be located inside or outside the room. When it comes to drying, maximum efficiency is achieved by placing the diesel heater in the room.

In livestockIndirectly burned diesel heater is an excellent option for heating farms for livestock, poultry and more. For this purpose, the optimum location for the heater is outside the animal room (if it is poorly ventilated and, or with high dustiness, fire hazard) and, by means of an additional temperature sensor, the desired room temperature can be maintained.

When heating warehouses for goods and agricultural produce, the heat exchanger can be located in the room and the built-in thermostat can be used to maintain the desired temperature without the need for an additional external thermostat.

Maximum economy and speed in heating of rooms is achieved when the heat exchanger is located inside the room, as circulation (up to heating) of already heated air is obtained.

КIndirect combustion diesel D80i - schematic viewhow the indirect burner diesel heater works:

The main components of a indirect burner diesel heater are:

  1. Combustion chamber
  2. Smoke extractor
  3. Burner
  4. Fuel nozzle
  5. Solenoid valve
  6. Fuel line
  7. Fan
  8. Electric motor
  9. High pressure fuel pump
  10. Power cable clamp
  11. Fuel tank
  12. Control panel

When the indirect-combustion diesel heater is switched on from the control panel (12), the motor (8) is driven, which in turn drives the fuel pump (9) and the fan (7), which supplies the required amount of combustion air and blows the outside of the combustion chamber. camera.  The high-pressure gear pump driven by the motor sucks fuel from the tank (11) and feeds the high-pressure fuel to the burner nozzle (4) through the fuel line (6) through the solenoid valve (5). The nozzle injects the atomized fuel into the fuel in the combustion chamber (1), where it is ignited by ignition electrodes the fuel is ignited.

As a result of the combustion process, the exterior of the combustion chamber is heated and, as a result of the combustion chamber being blown by the fan, the air is heated.

The exterior of the diesel heater is made of sturdy sheet metal and protects its components from atmospheric influences, serves to direct the airflow of the fan and acts as a temperature shield separating the combustion chamber from the environment. In this way, the heat exchanger housing is not heated excessively even with prolonged operation.

Fuel supply is entrusted to a solid and reliable high-pressure gear pump by one of the best companies in the field - Danfoss (Denmark).

The fuel nozzle is again the work of Danfoss (Denmark) and has a built-in ceramic filter.

The combustion process is controlled by precision electronics, which through a photocell monitors the combustion process and, in the event of anomalies in the combustion process, shuts off the machine.

To reduce fuel consumption, the diesel heater isstandard equipped with two thermostats, which, when reaching the set temperature, switch off the heater.

The first thermostatis built into the machine and is used when the machine is in the room being heated.


Вторият термостат (room thermostat) is used for remote temperature control and is placed in the room to be heated when the diesel heater is mounted outside or outdoors.


IMPORTANT: When the room thermostat is switched on, the built-in thermostat is bypassed (ie does not read)


Setting the desired temperature is carried out by means of the thermostat located on the control panel, by means of two ice displays the set (desired) temperature and the currently measured temperature.

The combustion chamber is equipped with thermal protection against overheating.

For maximum operating time, the diesel heater is fitted with a 69 liter fuel tank. With this volume of the tank, up to 10-12 hours of uninterrupted operation with a single charge is achieved.

For convenience of transportation and relocation, the diesel heater is fitted as standard with large transport wheels.



  • High power - 80 kW
  • Odorless heating
  • Clean and warm air at the exit
  • Suitable for poorly ventilated areas
  • Fuel pump Danfoss (Denmark)
  • Fuel nozzle Danfoss (Denmark)
  • Built-in internal thermostat
  • Additional external thermostat with cable 10 m (room thermostat)
  • Electronic temperature controlled regulator
  • 2 displays for set and actual temperature
  • Large air flow - 2000 m3 / h
  • Three-stage fuel filtration system
  • Possibility of external or internal installation
  • Application versatility
  • Electronic flame control
  • Thermal protection
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Low weight



  • Heating capacity: 80 kW
  • Air flow rate: 2000 m3 / h
  • Fuel: Diesel / bio diesel / kerosene
  • Fuel Pump: Danfoss BFP 21 R3 (Denmark)
  • Burning: indirect burning
  • Fuel Consumption: 6.4 kg / h
  • Supply voltage: 230V / 50 Hz
  • E-mail power: 900 W
  • Heating volume: up to 3280 m3 / h
  • Thermostat: Yes (2 pieces) built-in + room with 10 m cable
  • Dimensions: 1370/560/995 mm.
  • Weight: 59 kg.

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