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4D Green Beam Laser Level CIMEX SL4D-G

4D Green Beam Laser Level CIMEX SL4D-G
4D Green Beam Laser Level CIMEX SL4D-G
4D Green Beam Laser Level CIMEX SL4D-G
4D Green Beam Laser Level CIMEX SL4D-G
4D Green Beam Laser Level CIMEX SL4D-G
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4D Green Beam Laser Level CIMEX SL4D-G

Cimex SL-4D is a high-quality laser level with a green beam, 16 lines and provides 4 projections x360 degrees. Designed for everyday professional use, the 4D Green Beam Laser Level is suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. 


The Cimex 4D Laser Level is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications such as leveling and aligning floors, walls, ceilings. Ideal for use when installing tiles and cabinets. 
Thanks to the 4D technology, Cimex SL4D-G is your indispensable assistant in the construction and installation of plasterboard structures.

Equipped with 4 prisms made of crystal, this green beam laser level features excellent optical prism quality. 

An important feature of these prisms is that, in order to avoid the characteristic shadows on their edges, the laser level is equipped with an innovation that can hardly be found in other manufacturers, namely – continuously rotating optical prisms with locking .

2 vertical and 2 horizontal 360 degree projections. 
The presence of 2 vertical projections provides a full-fledged plumb line function.


Bottom located prism – the prism located in the lower part of the housing of the level allows a 360 degree projection at a distance of 10 mm from the surface on which it is placed. This makes it extremely convenient to use when installing tiles, skirting boards, doors, setting a level.

The generation of the green rays is entrusted to the German manufacturer Osram, which, combined with the quality optics, definitely makes the product difficult to pass up.


The housing of the level is made of strong ABS plastic, covered with an additional rubberized coating for reliable protection against moisture and dust class IP54, providing an excellent grip without slipping. 


The control panel is located at the top of the laser level and offers simple controls and a battery level indicator. 


The battery is Li-Ion and offers a solid capacity of 4000 mAh – enough to make you forget when you last charged it, even with daily use. The battery is charged using a USB cable.



The remote control of the laser level has a range of 25 meters. Thanks to the remote control included in the set, switching the beam projections, as well as turning off the level, can be done without having to get off the ladder. 

The locking mechanism is located on the left side of the housing and is implemented in the form of a slider. Its shape and size are designed to ensure maximum ease of switching even when wearing protective gloves. 

The self-leveling system is equipped with a magnetic damping stabilizer, which guarantees the stabilization of the projections within 3-4 seconds after turning on the device, and the self-leveling range is +- 3 degrees. The 4D Laser level is equipped with an optical and sound alarm that is activated when it goes out of the self-leveling range.





Main advantages:

  • 16 bright and thin lines
  • 360 degree beam projection
  • 4 levels of leveling
  • Ability to work on an incline
  • Full plumb
  • Ability to transfer points
  • Independent inclusion of individual planes
  • Simplified management
  • Rubberized body
  • Warranty 2 years



  • Accuracy: ± 2mm / 10m
  • Self-leveling range: ± 3 °
  • Self-levelling: Pendulum compensator with magnetic buffers
  • Line thickness 5 m. : < 2 mm.
  • Line thickness 15 m. : < 5 mm.
  • Operating range: up to 25 m.
  • Power supply: 4000 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Laser diode: 515 nm
  • Protection class: IP54

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