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500 bar pressure washer, 1320 l/h CIMEX.

500 bar pressure washer, 1320 l/h CIMEX.
500 bar pressure washer, 1320 l/h CIMEX.
500 bar pressure washer, 1320 l/h CIMEX.
500 bar pressure washer, 1320 l/h CIMEX.
500 bar pressure washer, 1320 l/h CIMEX.
500 bar pressure washer, 1320 l/h CIMEX.
500 bar pressure washer, 1320 l/h CIMEX.
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  • Brand CIMEX
  • Model WASH500

500 bar pressure washer, 1320 l/h CIMEX.

Pressure washer 500 bar, 1320 l/h CIMEX WASH500 - Designed for cleaning in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, maritime and construction industry, cement plants, mining industry, and more.


Thanks to its high working pressure (500 bar), the pressure washer easily removes heavy contamination from various surfaces, including tanks, pipes, floors, and walls. This industrial pressure washer can handle the removal of heavy, water-insoluble dirt, chipped paint, rust from ship decks and hulls, and metal structures. With the combination of high pressure (500 bar) and a large water flow rate of 1320 l/h, the pressure washer quickly and effectively removes clay deposits, concrete residues from machines, chains, mixing and pressing machine vessels. Additionally, the CIMEX WASH500 can remove paint, latex, emulsions, and labels from containers and clean trucks used for transporting ready-mix concrete and pumps with fresh concrete deposits. In addition to standard applications, the pressure washer can be used to remove surface-cracked old concrete and asphalt insulation.


Extremely suitable for cleaning heavily contaminated, large construction equipment such as excavators, front loaders, bulldozers, and more. An invaluable assistant to every farmer, it easily removes caked dirt and mud from tractors, combine harvesters, trailers, and tankers, as well as cultivators, plows, and seeders.


The water jet is powered by a low-speed three-phase motor with air cooling.


The pump has three ceramic plungers.



The control of the pressure washer is done very easily through an external control panel.


A filter is installed at the inlet of the pressure washer to purify the water from stones and other impurities.

The pressure value is monitored by a built-in pressure gauge.


The wheels are made of special molded rubber for smooth movement, and the front one can rotate in all directions, making the machine extremely maneuverable and efficient.

The exceptional features of the CIMEX WASH500 make this device the top choice for professional use.



Standard equipment:

  • High-pressure washer 500 bar – 1 piece
  • High-pressure hose – 15 meters
  • High-pressure gun – 1 piece
  • High-pressure nozzles – 2 pieces (point and broom)

Technical specifications:

  • Operating pressure: 500 bar
  • Water flow rate: 1320 l/h
  • Engine: 22 kW / 1480 rpm
  • Power supply voltage: 380 V / 50 Hz
  • Weight: 300 kg.




  • Before you begin work, make sure your electrical installation can handle a load of 22 kW.
  • Using the machine with extension cords is only permissible when the wire gauge is suitable for the cable length and the machine's power requirements.
  • To supply the machine with water, use a hose with a minimum diameter of 3/4 inch, and the water pressure should be at least 2.5 bar to ensure the necessary flow.

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