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Airless painting machine CIMEX APS 24.210i

Airless painting machine CIMEX APS 24.210i
Airless painting machine CIMEX APS 24.210i
Airless painting machine CIMEX APS 24.210i
Airless painting machine CIMEX APS 24.210i
Airless painting machine CIMEX APS 24.210i
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  • Brand CIMEX
  • Model APS 24.210i

Airless painting machine CIMEX APS 24.210i

Brushless paint machine for normal paint including latex, primers, stains, varnishes, enamels, etc. CIMEX APS 24.210i.

The new professional CIMEX APS 24.210i airless painting machine is characterized by high performance and versatility of application . With it you can paint both rough and smooth surfaces without compromising on quality and working time.

It is widely used in construction and industry, both for painting large areas / facades of buildings, walls, roofs and metal structures / and for smaller products / parts of machines, vessels, containers, etc.

Various types of paints can be applied with it, including latex, primers, stains, varnishes, enamels, etc., which are of medium to high viscosity.

Unlike similar machines in this class, it has electronic pressure control , which makes it more attractive for the operator during work. 

The CIMEX APS 24.210i airless painting machine is equipped with a piston pump , which is driven by a powerful 1300 W BRUSHLESS motor. The maximum pressure is 210 mbar / 3045 PSI.
Thanks to the aforementioned features, the machine provides a constant output flow of 2.4 l/min . and precise paint supply – quite enough to cope with any tasks and satisfy the requirements of the modern craftsman, saving him up to 80% of the work time compared to traditional painting methods. 

The collector filter of the machine is dismantled, installed and cleaned extremely quickly and easily. 

The CIMEX APS 24.210i painting machine has extremely strong and high-quality seals and O-rings , thanks to which it can be used for an extremely long time without service maintenance / from 30,000 to 50,000 square meters based on the painting materials and working conditions /. 

The standard equipment of the airless painting machine CIMEX APS 24.210i includes everything you need to start working: machine, 15 meters of high pressure hose, spray gun, nozzle 517 / 0.017'' /, paint suction probe with filter, lubricant for the pump, a 45 cm gun extension, as well as a set of cleaning tools and accessories.

Proven technology and reliability make the CIMEX APS 24.210i airless sprayer perfect for professionals who spray a wide range of coatings on a daily basis and expect fast, quality results.

  • High coverage and productivity
  • Brushless motor
  • Low operating costs
  • Electronic pressure control
  • Display
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Wide range of application
  • Ability to work with different types of paints and varnishes
  • Smooth operation without ripples

The standard equipment:

  • Airless painting machine CIMEX APS 24.210i – 1 pc.
  • High pressure hose – 15 m.
  • Paint suction probe with filter - 1 pc.
  • Airless paint gun with nozzle 517 /0.017" – 1 pc.
  • Extension for a gun 45 cm - 1 pc.
  • Set of cleaning tools and accessories - 1 pc.
  • Pump grease – 1 pc. 



  • Supply voltage / Frequency: 220±10%/50HZ
  • Display
  • Connection power: 1300 W
  • Max. pressure: 210 bar / 3045 PSI
  • Max. worker pressure: 140bar @ 0.019"
  • Max. nozzle size: 0.023"
  • Standard nozzle included: 517 /0.017"/
  • Spray width: 400 mm
  • Flow rate: 2.4 l/min.
  • High pressure hose length: 15 m
  • Max. length of high pressure hose: 60 m
  • Weight: 15.10 kg
  • Weight with packaging: 20.3 kg.
  • Dimensions with packaging (L x W x H): 480 x 430 x 520 mm

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