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Plastering and painting machine CIMEX HPS 12.220G

Plastering and painting machine CIMEX HPS 12.220G
Plastering and painting machine CIMEX HPS 12.220G
Plastering and painting machine CIMEX HPS 12.220G
Plastering and painting machine CIMEX HPS 12.220G
Plastering and painting machine CIMEX HPS 12.220G
Plastering and painting machine CIMEX HPS 12.220G
Plastering and painting machine CIMEX HPS 12.220G
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  • Brand CIMEX
  • Model HPS 12.220G

Plastering and painting machine CIMEX HPS 12.220G

Cimex HPS 12.220G is an industrial machine for airless application of putties and paints, designed for daily use under high loads. The plastering and painting machine is equipped with a piston pump, with hydraulic drive, of the largest Taiwanese manufacturer of industrial hydraulic components, YEOSHE, which is driven by a 4-stroke HONDA GX270 gasoline engine through a belt drive . 

Airless plastering and painting machine HPS 12.220G is the ideal solution for application of high viscosity materials, use with several guns and working at great heights, even without power supply.

The machine can work with 4 guns at the same time:

1 gun - maximum nozzle size - 0.051"
2 guns - maximum nozzle size - 0.041" 
3 guns - maximum nozzle size - 0.031" 
4 guns - maximum nozzle size - 0.027"


The putty and paint sprayer works with the following materials:
Putty, acrylic putty, open-time gypsum putty, acrylic paints, primers, emulsions, water-soluble paints, solvent-based paints, anti-corrosion coatings, fire-retardant coatings, heavy plasters, waterproofing, resins, fire-resistant paints, fire-resistant coatings, latex, enamels, varnishes, all types of facade paints, water-based coatings, chemical-based paints, emulsions, smooth paints, 100% acrylic coatings, grouting compounds, elastomeric coatings, quick-drying paints, epoxy coatings , fireproof coatings and waterproofing coatings, bitumen emulsions.


Thanks to the hydraulic drive of the pump, a significantly slower and longer stroke of the piston (125 mm.) is achieved compared to machines with a direct electric drive. 


The ribbed aluminum crankcase for hydraulic oil has a volume of 13 liters, which increases the resource of the pump by more than 60%, reduces wear and heating.


The piston and working set of the plastering and painting machine are characterized by excellent wear resistance due to two main factors - construction and materials used. 

As we have already mentioned, thanks to the hydraulic drive, a slower and longer stroke is achieved. This in practice leads to a significant reduction in the number of cycles per unit time in which there is friction. I.e. is the specific case: lower revolutions = less friction and wear. 

The working surfaces of the cylinder and piston are surface carbonitrided and chrome plated, making them capable of withstanding aggressive and abrasive materials.



• Large working resource and low maintenance costs
• Ability to work with 4 guns
• Versatility – can work with a huge range of materials
• Autonomy – no electrical power required
• Ability to work at a height of up to 80 meters (1 gun)
• Tiltable piston group for easy loading, transport and storage
• 24 month warranty
• Free delivery



• High productivity - significantly reduces the time to complete your site and reduces labor costs
• Low operating costs and a large working resource
• One machine for many activities - plastering, painting, waterproofing, fireproofing and many more.
• Full autonomy – it does not need an electrical supply, and when working in a closed room, the ability to work with a hose up to 90 meters long (horizontally) allows it to be positioned outside the room.
• Easy to transport and store - large pneumatic wheels for easy movement over uneven terrain and surfaces


Technical data:

Drive: HONDA GX270 engine / 8.5 hp
Pressure: 228bar / 3300psi
Flow: 15.0 L/min
Maximum nozzle size: 0.051” * 1 gun
Maximum hose length: 90 m
Hydraulic oil: DTE24 32# total 13 liters - for intensive daily use, we recommend changing the oil every 6 months
Weight: 124 kg
Package dimensions: 104 / 75 / 97 / cm



Machine for airless plastering and painting HPS 12.220G – 1 pc.
Pistol: 1 pc.
Jet extension: 45 cm - 1 pc.
High pressure hose: 25 meters - 1 pc.
Nozzles: 539 - 1 pc. / 243 – 1 pc.
Set of tools - 1 pc.
Engine oil 1 l. – 1 pc.
Oil for lubricating the pump: 250 ml. - 1 piece

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