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Plate compactor 90 kg 13.0 kN / 5500 vpm - CIMEX CP90N

Plate compactor 90 kg 13.0 kN / 5500 vpm - CIMEX CP90N
Plate compactor 90 kg 13.0 kN / 5500 vpm - CIMEX CP90N
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  • Brand CIMEX
  • Model CP90N

Plate compactor 90 kg 13.0 kN / 5500 vpm - CIMEX CP90N

Vibratory Plate Compactor 90 kg. 13.0 kN / 5500 vpm - CP90N

The CIMEX CP90N forward plate compactor is a machine with a weight of 90 kg, equipped with a water tank, wheels, and a foldable handle. With a completely new design, this model of forward plate compactor exceeds your expectations in terms of performance and operator comfort. The design and construction changes in the plate compactor are aimed at reducing its size for easier transport while increasing productivity and operator comfort during work.

Designed for compacting soil, sand, inert materials, asphalt, and pavement, this plate compactor is constructed for daily professional use.

Some of the advantages of this plate compactor include a reinforced self-cleaning cast-iron plate, a drain hose for easy oil drainage during maintenance, transport wheels, a foldable handle, and a water tank. Even though these features might seem standard at first glance, few plate compactors on our market have such standard extras. The effective compacting depth for this model is 30 cm, sufficient to achieve the desired results, regardless of the type of compacted material.

The forward plate compactor is powered by an economical 4-stroke gasoline engine with a 196 cm3 displacement, compliant with EURO 5 standards. This engine has proven its exceptional reliability through years of testing in the construction industry and machine rental companies. The torque from the engine is transferred to the vibrating part through a self-regulating centrifugal clutch and a reinforced double belt drive (most models available on our market have a single belt drive). To avoid overheating the vibrating part when working with hot asphalt at temperatures between 150 and 170 degrees, the vibrating part of the plate compactor is fixed to the plate with reduced contact surface, which significantly extends the service interval for changing the oil in the vibrator to 200 engine hours.

The self-cleaning cast-iron plate is 540 x 420 mm in size and offers four times higher wear resistance compared to models with steel plates. The cast-iron plate's design features rounded edges that allow easy change of the forward direction without the risk of the machine getting stuck in soft soil.

Vibration reduction during work is a key focus of the CIMEX CP90N forward plate compactor. The foldable handle is equipped with three shock absorbers, and the engine has a 4-point suspension.

A distinctive feature of this model of plate compactor is the shape of the cast-iron plate, which has rounded edges, enabling easy turning and maneuvering without the risk of the machine getting stuck in soft soil.

The foldable handle greatly facilitates machine transport by reducing its dimensions, making it easy to fit in the trunk of compact cars.

As a standard feature, the equipment includes a watering system and a water tank. The water tank, located at the front, is connected through a hose with a valve to the watering bar. The watering system is particularly important when laying asphalt, as it prevents the asphalt from sticking to the plate compactor.

For laying concrete pavers and slabs, the plate compactor can be used with a silicone pad, available as an option. The attachment is secured with bolts to specially designed threaded holes in the plate compactor.


  • Cast-iron monolithic plate with high wear resistance
  • Plate design with rounded edges
  • Self-cleaning plate
  • Foldable handle with shock absorbers
  • Gas lever with a step mechanism
  • Double belt drive
  • Reducer with reduced contact area and improved cooling
  • Reliable and economical engine
  • Watering system with a water tank
  • Transport wheels
  • Option to mount a rubber pad
  • Low maintenance costs
  • 24 months warranty for PROFESSIONAL USE!

Technical Specifications:

  • Centrifugal Force (kN): 13.0
  • Plate Size (mm): 540x420
  • Speed (m/min): 25
  • Water Tank Capacity (l): 10
  • Compacting Depth (cm): 30
  • Compacting Efficiency (m2/h): 560
  • Maximum Slope (%): 25
  • Vibration Frequency (vpm): 5500


  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Model: G200
  • Power (hp): 6.5


(D x W x H): 870 x 480 x 550 mm.

Weight: 90 kg.

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