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CIMEX rotary hammer HB3 - 3.2 J , SDS+ up to 30mm.

CIMEX rotary hammer  HB3 - 3.2 J , SDS+ up to 30mm.
CIMEX rotary hammer  HB3 - 3.2 J , SDS+ up to 30mm.
CIMEX rotary hammer  HB3 - 3.2 J , SDS+ up to 30mm.
CIMEX rotary hammer  HB3 - 3.2 J , SDS+ up to 30mm.
CIMEX rotary hammer  HB3 - 3.2 J , SDS+ up to 30mm.
CIMEX rotary hammer  HB3 - 3.2 J , SDS+ up to 30mm.
CIMEX rotary hammer HB3 - 3.2 J , SDS+ up to 30mm.
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CIMEX rotary hammer HB3 - 3.2 J , SDS+ up to 30mm.

Electric rotary hammer - 3 kg.


CIMEX HB3 Quick-Change Chuck Electric Rotary Hammer - your versatile rotary hammer for drilling into concrete, masonry, wood, metal, and much more. Equipped with two quick-change chucks, this lightweight and reliable rotary hammer provides exceptional application flexibility. By attaching the SDS Plus chuck, you can use the rotary hammer for impact drilling into brickwork, concrete, work with core bits for concrete, and use chisels and cutters for chiseling mode.


The second quick-release chuck can easily transform this practical rotary hammer into a drill for use with standard cylindrical and hex shank drill bits. This allows you to use the rotary hammer for non-impact drilling into wood, ceramics, metal, and more.

If you need to drive or remove screws, thanks to the stepless speed control and reverse function, you can turn the machine into a powerful screwdriver.

In practical use on the construction site, this is a versatile machine that combines everything needed to perform various installation tasks – rotary hammer (impact drilling) – lightweight chiseling – drill – screwdriver.


Designed for professional use, the CIMEX HB3 rotary hammer surpasses most rotary hammers in its class, offering not only functionality but also power. With a maximum drilling diameter in concrete of 30 mm, the rotary hammer positions itself well above most electric rotary hammers up to 3.2 kg.

With an impact energy of 3.2 J, the CIMEX HB3 rotary hammer is suitable for light and medium chiseling work in masonry, tile removal, and more.

The mode selector switch offers 4 settings for different work modes.


Position 1 Non-hammer drilling mode. Suitable for drilling holes in wood, metal, ceramics, plastics, screwing, unscrewing screws, and tapping threads with taps.

Position 2Impact drilling mode. Intended for drilling holes in concrete, masonry, stone.

Position 3Allows adjusting the position when working with a chisel, for optimal adaptation to the surface. This significantly reduces fatigue during work and eliminates the need to tilt the machine for comfortable work with a chisel, breaker, or channel digger. This position is NOT OPERATIONAL – i.e., after setting the chisel at the desired angle, the switch must be placed in position 4.

Position 4 Chiseling mode. In this position, there is no rotary movement of the tool, only the hammering action. This position is intended solely for chiseling (it can also be used for wood chisels).



The trigger switch of the CIMEX HB3 rotary hammer features electronic speed control, allowing for continuous adjustment of the speed within the range of 0-1000 RPM. This enables precise initial positioning of the drill bit during drilling.

The reverse switch (left/right rotation) is conveniently located just above the trigger switch, allowing the machine to be used for screwing and unscrewing screws. It also facilitates the removal of the concrete drill bit in case it gets stuck during drilling.

The depth stop is made of metal and can be attached to the convenient side handle. Adjusting the desired drilling depth is done using a quick adjustment button. Simply press the button, move the stopper to the desired depth, and release the button.



The convenient side handle provides a stable grip and comfort during work. In the event of the tool getting stuck during operation, operator protection is ensured by a clutch that minimizes the torque.




  • Keyless quick-change chuck
  • Quick-change SDS+ chuck
  • Stepless speed control
  • Reverse (left and right rotation)
  • Depth stop
  • Cable protection from bending
  • Position adjustment for chiseling work
  • Operator protection clutch
  • Large diameter for drilling in concrete
  • Versatility of application


  • CIMEX HB3 Electric Rotary Hammer – 1 pc.
  • Side handle – 1 pc.
  • Depth stop – 1 pc.
  • SDS+ chuck – 1 pc.
  • Chuck with cylindrical shank for drills – 1 pc.
  • Chisel SDS+ – 1 pc.
  • Pointed chisel SDS+ – 1 pc.
  • Concrete drills Ø8, Ø10, and Ø12 SDS+ – 3 pcs.
  • Carrying case – 1 pc.

Technical Specifications:

  • Nominal Power Consumption: 900 W
  • Impact Energy: 3.2 J
  • Impact Rate at Rated Speed: 0 - 5500 1/min Rated
  • Speed: 0 – 1000 min-1
  • Dimensions with Packaging (L x W x H): 460 x 460 x 310 mm
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Tool Holder: SDS-plus, chuck for cylindrical drills

Drilling Range:

  • Concrete Hole Diameter, using a hammer drill: 4 - 30 mm
  • Optimal Application Range in Concrete, using a hammer drill: 8 - 18 mm
  • Max. Hole Diameter in Masonry, using core bits: 68 mm
  • Max. Hole Diameter in Metal: 13 mm
  • Max. Hole Diameter in Wood: 30 mm


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