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Starting chute for construction waste by CIMEX.

Starting chute for construction waste by CIMEX.
Starting chute for construction waste by CIMEX.
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Starting chute for construction waste by CIMEX.

A starting chute for construction waste is designed to facilitate the disposal of waste while simultaneously providing protection against waste falling outside of it. Each starting chute for waste is inclined outward to guide the construction materials towards the main funnel of the disposal sleeve. Like the intermediate chutes, the starting waste chute is made of linear polyethylene, which makes the product incredibly resistant to the constant impact of materials pouring into the loading opening.



Storage and Preservation

The starting hopper for construction waste is equipped with spacers at its top, primarily to prevent jamming during storage. This allows for a reduced volume when storing and transporting the starting hoppers by tightly stacking individual units within each other without the risk of damage or jamming.


This compact storage system allows for 25 starting hoppers for construction waste to be easily positioned on a single pallet. This not only optimizes storage space but also streamlines logistics by reducing transportation costs.


High quality and safety level.

Based on numerous tests conducted on construction waste chutes, we selected the best-performing material - linear polyethylene. This material was chosen for making construction waste chutes due to its excellent strength and resistance to vibrations with a large amplitude range. Unlike traditional materials used in conventional waste chutes, the high-quality linear polyethylene that Cimex chose has significantly improved the chute sections' resistance to distortion, lower noise levels, and, most importantly, the product has up to 3 times higher mechanical flexibility.

The combination of good operational performance, low weight, and an affordable price are the main advantages of CIMEX waste chutes.





  • Material Type: Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Waste Opening: 83 x 43 cm
  • Bottom Diameter: 39 cm
  • Height: 74 cm

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