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Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B

Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B
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  • Brand CIMEX
  • Model 530B

Sub-cleaning machine CIMEX 530B

Manually driven under-cleaning machine with battery drive

The automatic floor cleaner CIMEX 530B is a professional machine for cleaning and disinfecting floors with battery drive, designed for cleaning and disinfecting hard floors such as terracotta, granite, marble, impregnated polished concrete, linoleum, etc.. With a productivity of 1860 m2/h, the battery automatic floor cleaner is the ideal solution for cleaning and disinfecting large areas in supermarkets, warehouses, offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, showrooms and repair shops. Unlike ordinary floor cleaning machines, automatic floor cleaning machines not only rub water with detergent through a brush, but also suck and dry using a suction beam. In this way, a high speed of cleaning is achieved,  leaving behind a dry and clean trail after the sub-cleaning machine . Thanks to the tank-in-tank system, the built-in tanks for clean and dirty water with volumes of 42/51 l do not significantly increase the dimensions of the floor cleaner. Thanks to the battery drive of the floor cleaner, the convenience of work is significantly increased, especially when it must be carried out continuously in the presence of people and visitors in the room or rooms where there is no electricity.

IMPORTANT : The battery-operated floor cleaner is delivered FULLY COMPLETE AND READY TO WORK (incl. batteries, charger, brush, suction bar)


The conveniently located control panel is equipped with an ignition switch, with a secret lock. Pressing the first button activates the system for automatic disassembly of the cleaning brush, thus eliminating the need for two people to perform this operation. The second button is for activating a suction turbine that sucks the water from the floor through a suction beam. The third button serves to activate a battery test function, and when pressed, the battery charge level is indicated. The far right green button starts the electric motor and drives the brush.

Depending on the type of brushes, automatic floor cleaners are divided into automatic machines with disc brushes and automatic machines with roller brushes. The main difference between the two types of floor scrubbers is the distribution of brush pressure over the floor area. In the specific case of the CIMEX 530B washing machine, the brush is a disk type and the pressure exerted on the cleaned surface is about 35 g/cm 2 . For versions with roller brushes, this value is 85 gr./cm 2 .


 How does the automatic sub-cleaner work?

In cleaning mode, you can use the battery washing machine in two modes:

1. Basic cleaning mode - used when the degree of contamination is high and prolonged scrubbing and soaking is required. 

In this mode, you must disable the suction turbine and fix the suction beam in the raised position. In this way, when applying detergent and scrubbing, the maximum cleaning effect of the detergent is achieved and the cleaning effect is significantly increased.

2. Maintenance cleaning - in this mode, maximum productivity is achieved, as the machine rubs water with detergent and then sucks it up, using the suction beam, leaving a clean and dry surface behind.


The automatic cleaning machine CIMEX 530B is equipped with a hose for easy and quick draining of dirty water . It works through an automatic spraying, rubbing and drying process. Cleans flawlessly, leaving no trace of streaks behind. An additional convenience is the level gauge of the clean water container. The comfortable handle of the floor machine helps to control and maneuver more easily.


For delicate cleaning close to walls, the brush body is equipped with a guide roller that allows the machine to be guided in close proximity to the wall, thus cleaning in corners is significantly better and does not damage the walls. 

Should a detergent be used for cleaning or can only water be used? 

The use of detergent not only contributes to a better cleaning, it also REDUCES BRUSH WEAR as it "lubricates" and reduces friction between the brush and the floor, resulting in less wear and increased battery run time .


What preparations are suitable for use with the machine?

The first and foremost requirement is that the preparation is intended for machine use. The main difference between manual and machine floor cleaners is their foaming properties. Machine floor cleaners have special ingredients that reduce the formation of foam (low foaming) and allow maximum use of the volume of the container for collecting dirty water. 



  •  Flawless cleaning, no residual streaks after cleaning.
  •  Economy
  •  Time saving for cleaning large areas.
  •  Saving in the amount of detergent required for cleaning in other known, alternative ways.
  •  The machine does not need a power supply network - thanks to the battery it has - it can also be used indoors, without electrical installation.



  • Clean water tank: 42 l
  • Dirty water tank: 51 l
  • Productivity: 1750 sq.m/h
  • Motor brush power: 550W
  • Working width: 510 mm
  • Air flow rate: 24 l/s

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