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Cutter for channels in walls

Cutter for channels in walls
Cutter for channels in walls
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  • Brand CIMEX
  • Model WC3580

Cutter for channels in walls

Channel cutter for walls

The CIMEX wall channel cutter is designed for cutting cable and pipe channels in aerated concrete blocks, interior and exterior plaster and masonry. It is widely used in residential construction when laying electrical installations, during rough and finishing repair works. The machine is not suitable for cutting cable channels in panel and brick.


The CIMEX channel cutter has the option of including a vacuum cleaner with an additional adapter, which significantly reduces the amount of dust during cutting.
The CIMEX channel cutter has an ergonomic design and a comfortable rubberized handle for a better grip. It works with ease in both horizontal and vertical positions - it is suitable for both walls and ceilings. The manual channel cutter is equipped with a single and double disc with carbide plates, which has a unique design and does not hurt the machined surface. After cutting, the disc leaves a perfectly shaped, fully hollow channel, and no subsequent hand machining or chipping is required prior to laying the cables.


The electric motor of the CIMEX hole and channel cutter has a power of 1450W, 220 V. The maximum width of the groove it can cut is 25 mm when working with one disc and 35 mm when working with two discs. The maximum depth of holes with this model of channel cutter is 35 mm.



• Voltage: 230 V
• Voltage: 50 Hz
• Power: 1450 W
• Revolutions: 1800 rpm
• Weight: 7.5 kg
• Maximum channel width: 25/35 mm
• Maximum channel depth: 35 mm

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