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Floor saw CIMEX FS350

Floor saw CIMEX FS350
Floor saw CIMEX FS350
Floor saw CIMEX FS350
Floor saw CIMEX FS350
Floor saw CIMEX FS350
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  • Brand CIMEX
  • Model FS350

Floor saw CIMEX FS350

CIMEX FS350: Is a professional floor saw for cutting asphalt, concrete, stone and other building materials. With its construction type "cart", CIMEX FS350 is easy to manage and provides precision cutting, in combination with high performance. It is widely used in construction for cutting of expansion joints, ducts, for laying cables and drainage, cutting holes for manholes. In road construction is primarily used for cutting asphalt pavement, to repair pits, in laying sewer pipes, manholes. The completely metal chassis of the saw combines compact size and strength. The chassis is equipped with a special hole for lifting a sling, hook or rope, allowing easy and safe loading and unloading. For precise control during cutting depth, saws are equipped with screw regulator with a comfortable handle and an indicator scale for the set depth. The main roll, in signal red colour, is to improve visibility allows following the preset line cutting. In order to extend the life of the blade during work, saws are standardly equipped with a water tank with a capacity of 12 litres by which, it ensures the cooling of the blade. On another side - the diamond blade is covered by a shield to protect the operator from injury.
The drive is carried out by powerful and economical four-stroke gasoline engine Cimex G200, featuring high performance and large working resource.



  • Maximum cutting depth up to 95 mm
  • Screw regulator for cutting depth
  • High performance and precision cutting
  • Height adjustable handle to provide maximum comfort at work
  • Conveniently located regulator pedal with step-fixing
  • Protective cover with mud flaps for maximum protection of the operator handling of particles and splashing
  • Removable water tank for cooling the blade
  • Set of tools for changing the blade
  • Compartment for storing tools for changing the disc
  • Protective cover of the driving belt
  • Nut for fixing the blade with left-hand thread for protection against self-unwinding
  • Steel shaft bearings fitted with grease nipples to ensure a long life at high loads
  • A driver, in signal red colour, for accurately following  a predetermined cutting line
  • Metal chassis with comfortable handles for manual loading and unloading
  • A hole for sling, rope, hook for loading and unloading lifting equipment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long life of exploitation

Technical Specifications:

Water Reservoir Capacity (l): 12
Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 860 x 510 x 76
Weight (kg): 72


Maximum Disc Size (mm): 350
Inner Disc Hole (mm): 25.4


Maximum Cutting Depth (mm): 100


Fuel: Gasoline
Model: Cimex G200, 4-stroke Displacement (cm3):
198 Power (hp): 5.5
Number of Cylinders: 1
Cooling: Forced Air


NOTE: The price mentioned does not include the disc!

We offer concrete cutters at prices tailored to Bulgarian conditions without compromising on their quality. All concrete cutters offered by us, regardless of their prices, come with a 24-month warranty for both legal entities and individuals.

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