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Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220

Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220
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  • Brand CIMEX
  • Model DWS220

Drywall Sander CIMEX DWS220

Giraffe for wall and ceiling sanding CIMEX DWS220 is a professional wall and ceiling sanding machine. It is intended for daily professional use. Machines for sanding walls and ceilings of the "giraffe" type are an indispensable assistant in the finishing activities for final sanding of putty. An important rule when working with a wall sander is to keep the plastered surface dry so that the sandpaper does not clog. When the sanding giraffe is connected to a vacuum cleaner, the removed material is sucked out of it and collected in the container. In this way, dust contamination when sanding the walls is reduced to minimum values, and thanks to the created vacuum, the sanding head adheres to the surface, reducing fatigue during work.


Main advantages of the CIMEX DWS220 wall and ceiling sanding machine:

Construction and principle of action of the giraffe for grinding CIMEX walls: The drive is carried out by an electric motor
with a power of 710 W
 , which through a gearbox transmits the movement by means of a flexible shaft to the hinged grinding head .
To achieve maximum control and efficiency of grinding, the motor is equipped with constant electronics and a
 regulator in the range of 1000-2200 rpm.
Positioned, in the lower part of the handle, the motor has several main advantages - a better balance of the machine is achieved and
the effort is reduced when sanding ceilings. Unlike sanding giraffes, where the motor is located directly above
the worktop, in wall and ceiling sanders with a lower motor, the vacuum adhesion of the included vacuum cleaner
is significantly better, due to the lower weight of the sanding head
 . This leads to a significant reduction in fatigue during prolonged work.


A cushioned handle is located between the dust extraction hole and the motor of the machine , offering excellent grip and working comfort. The start button for turning on the electric motor of the wall sander is located right next to it.

There is a light source (LED strip) on the grinding head . The presence of this light allows the irregularities on the sanded surface to be visually highlighted during the sanding process.


The movable grinding head of the sanding giraffe allows quick and precise adaptation of the table to the sanded surface, as well as working at different angles and positions, so as to ensure maximum comfort at work for the operator of the machine.


On the sanding head of the wall and ceiling sander, the rotating work surface is attached with velcro. The diameter of the table top is 225 mm. A peripheral ring with a brush is located on the periphery of the worktop, ensuring the dust removal of the wall during sanding and the removal of the dust to the vacuum cleaner.





Another leading feature of the CIMEX DWS220 wall and ceiling sander is the ability to reach inside corners with it . This is achieved thanks to the removable side part (attachment). In this way, the sandpaper reaches the corner of the wall.





To achieve maximum performance when working with the Giraffe wall and ceiling sander, we recommend that you also use it with our construction vacuum cleaner model: CIMEX VAC30L !!!

The set of the giraffe for sanding includes all the necessary accessories - a hose for connecting to a vacuum cleaner, a power cable, spare brushes for the electric motor + a gift of 5 pieces of sandpaper.



  • Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power: 710 W
  • Speed ​​controller: YES
  • RPM adjustment range: 1000 – 2200 rpm.
  • Diam. on the desktop: 225 mm.
  • LED lighting: YES / LED strip /
  • Weight: 4.1 kg.
  • Dimensions with packaging (L x W x H): 1630 x 270 x 270 mm.

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